Why Do You Need A Borehole Drilling

Choosing your borehole driller is an important decision. Experience, honesty, character, intelligence, and equipment all contribute to the competence level of contractors. Reputation and professionalism are good starting points. Ask for references and ask pointed questions about guarantees. Does the contractor provide a guarantee in writing with the estimate? How long has the contractor been in business? Have they drilled any boreholes nearby? Remember, the lowest price is usually a reflection of what a contractor plans to put into a job. Also, what happens if your driller or his employee is hurt on your property? Does he have Workmen's Compensation? Many don't. What if his equipment damages your property? What if it hurts you or your family? Does the contractor have general liability insurance? Many don't.

More than 90% of deep boreholes produce very desirable water and require no filtration to please the owners. There are areas, however, that are exceptions to this rule and we would be happy to discuss the potential water quality you could expect at your location.

Yes! borehole water is usually the safest source of drinking water available. Most deep borehole water entered the ground hundreds or even thousands of years ago, before there were any man-made chemicals around. borehole water is not as vulnerable to pollution, contamination and disease as some of the sources of water where municipalities get their water.

boreholes drilled 40 or 50 years ago still produce water and are in use every day. boreholes that have been abandoned usually have been abandoned because the steel casing has rusted out, not because of lack of water. The PVC casing used today will last indefinitely, and boreholes drilled today should still be producing water many decades from now.

borehole depths vary dramatically from area to area. We have drilled boreholes from as little as 28' deep to as deep as over 2,700'. We have drilled over 500 boreholes since 2004 and we have probably drilled a borehole near you. Give us a call 0209863853 and we'll be glad to let you know what depth to expect a borehole in your location.

If you are building a house, it is useful to put the borehole in first. Your building contractor will need water for a number of things during the construction of your home. M-Mesh Borehole Drilling works year round and can drill your borehole any month of the year.

Our work load varies from as little as a week. Give us a call 0209863853 and we will tell what our lead time is. Once on site, we usually complete a borehole and pump installation in two to five days.

Our equipment setup varies depending on the layout of your property, trees, walkways, driveways, etc. When you are ready to schedule your project, we will meet with you on-site before a rig is dispatched and help you select your drilling location. Suffice it to say we almost always find a way to get in and get the job done. Where there is a will there is a way.

Yes. Our boreholes can be used to fill your swimming pool. We would recommend drilling a borehole to ensure the best quality of water.

boreholes that “go dry” are generally shallow/surficial boreholes that are less than 50′. These boreholes depend on rainfall to replenish the water table. Partridge borehole drills boreholes that are usually deeper and penetrate a confined aquifer. This means that our boreholes are not directly dependent on rainfall. The water level may rise and fall in these boreholes, but they do not go dry.

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